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We’ve made a profit every year since 2006 by placing selective each-way bets – and will continue to do so!

Selections To Date

Return On Investment

Consecutive Years Of Profit

2015 Profit

Finding Each Way Value

Over the years I’ve discovered various ways of generating a profit from betting, one of the most consistent an profitable of these involves placing simple each way bets with bookmakers. Using a specific approach I’m able to pinpoint selections that represent amazing value. So when you join me your betting will be more like investing, as oppose to just following everyday racing tips. My method has been honed and proven over more than 9 years and 2500 selections, my edge on the market is around a 15% return on investment, which I’m very proud of and confident of achieving year upon year.

"WRT is a very good service with an outstanding track record
of profit, and it makes an ideal standalone option as well as a
perfect portfolio addition."

− Matt Bisogno (Geegeez.co.uk )

"The man behind the service Paul Ruffy, is not one of those fly by night glossy brochure tipsters promising tens of thousands per month. He is more realistic and honest in his approach and ,I'm convinced, his service will continue to deliver."

− Clive Keeling (Author of What Really Wins Money )

"If you have patience and a professional outlook, this service should reward you in the long run. they have shown impressive performance to date."

− Secret Betting Club recommendation - Tenth edition

"Another good month - just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work and effort. I've been with WRT longer than any other racing service, and the consistency in approach during both good and bad spells is admirable."

− RD - (Long term member)

"I talk to people who do pay as you win and tell them about you. Its just nice to point people in the right direction of a genuine service and you deserve the good following."

− SD - (Long term member)

" I would just like to say that I have no doubt that you provide a fine service and long term profits are guaranteed if your instructions are carried out properly, you certainly know your stuff. "

− TC - (Long term member)

A Proven Track Record of Substantial Long Term Profits

Selections: 2633

Strike Rate: 48%

Profit: 347pts (£34745)

Return On Investment: 16%

Selections: 198

Stakes: 104pts

Profit/Loss: +16.59pts (£1656)

Return On Investment: 15.9%

Selections: 15

Stakes: £760 (7.6pts)

Profit: £84.48 (0.84pts)

Return On Investment: 11%

REAL – Achievable Results

Profits shown  are to advised stakes based on an average bet of £28 each way. They are to odds that are very achievable with a range of firms offering best odds guaranteed prices.

A Secret Betting Club “Hall Of Fame” Service

Winning Racing Tips has been awarded the esteemed position of Hall Of Fame member since 2008 – and has held onto that status ever since. Secret Betting Club are a 100% independent service that is therefore totally impartial. They have been assessing tipping services since 2006 and remain very much a respected industry leader in their field. They analyse services based on availability of prices, ease of following, fees and return on capital, or bank growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time are the tips available?

The tips are normally sent out  between 12:00-12:30 pm daily and will also be on the member’s page.

How many bets are there?

Typically there are around 15-20 tips per month, some days we may have 2 or 3, but there may also be several days without any bets, I only advise anything when I see significant value.

What staking do you advise?

The each way tips are advised per selection between 0.1 and 0.5pt each way. (So stakes are 0.2 to 1pt per bet)

Where do you proof your selections?

I proof to both Secret Betting Club and to Racing-Index, however the latter doesn’t proof each way doubles or trebles and only show SP profits – not prices that we take.
In my experience Secret Betting Club provide the most accurate, unbiased tipster monitoring.

What Starting Bank will I need?

The bank I recommend is 30pts, although some are happy to use 20 or 25 pts. Detailed staking advice is included in the free Members Welcome Pack.

What bookmakers do I use and do you advise prices to take?

I’ll tell you what the best available price is and where you can get it. My advised prices are normally very easy to obtain with at least 2 or 3 bookmakers.

What are the Average Stakes?

Average advised bets are between 0.2pt e/w to 0.3pt e/w, so that’s £20 to £30 each way if you are using £100 per point, which is about the maximum I’d recommend you bet.

Can I upgrade or cancel my subscription?

Yes. You can upgrade to a lower priced subscription option (if available) from your members area menu. Likewise, if you decide at any time the service isn’t for you there’s a link to cancel your subscription.

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